Monday, November 1, 2010

It's November!!

I hope everyone had a great time yesterday celebrating Halloween.  We didn't do anything special but my husband did dress up.  You really need to see this video to understand.  Notice Jared Allen toward the end of the segment and his jorts.

Ok, now that you've seen is my husband in all his glory..

Luckily the only place he wanted to show off his "costume" was at his brother's house.  You should have seen how fast he got out of the car when he saw our niece's boyfriend was at the house.  Poor girl, he loves to embarrass her.

I took the Halloween decorations down yesterday.  I think that's the first time I've taken holiday decorations down on the day of.  I put out the few Thanksgiving decorations I have while I was at it.  I'm not in love with the way this looks but I don't have much so I kind of just threw it all together.

I love the start of November because I feel like it's the start of the holiday season.  Just think, in 2 months it'll all be over.  Gotta enjoy it while we can! 


Nicolle said...

David cracks me up! lol. love it.

I love your fall decorations. I think they are beautiful. I really love everything.

I threw away all of our real pumpkins on sunday night. haha.

Have a good evening!

Cakes by Carrie said...


~The Robin's Nest~ said...

I cracked up over your husbands costume-Toooo funny!
Love all the Thanksgiving decor in your home. I've had Fall decor up for a while now and think I'm going to skip to Christmas soon!
I just about flipped when I read your dad hit a buck and your mom a deer! The deer I hit years back just about did me and my car in!
I hope your parents are okay!