Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Catch up

I'm back!  My husband bought and installed (or whatever you do) a new router so now we have internet again.  Yay!

A quick catch up of the past week or so...

*Last week was a three day work week for me.  I love four day weekends!

*Thursday my mom and I went to Sioux Falls and did a little shopping.  We also met with my uncle for lunch.  He is in good spirits but could really use some prayers.  Baisically the cancer is not responding to the treatments.  It's maybe buying him some time but not going to make him better

*I spent the day Friday doing chores and running errands.  I bought this while I was out..

Oh yes I did.  I wanted one of these last year so bad but I decided to wait until after Christmas so I could get it 50% off.  Well, they were gone before Christmas so I couldn't get one.  I was ready this year though.  I cashed out my Toluna money in September so I'd have some money when the trees came out.  This one was the only one on the shelf Friday morning so I grabbed it and put it in my cart.  I got quite a few comments while walking around the store with a Christmas tree in my cart.  Whatever.

*Saturday was Hobo Days for SDSU.  We went to the parade.  Boring, yawn.  I hate that they've changed it so much in the past few years.  Definitely not as entertaining as it used to be.  We did get to see our nephew march in the middle school band though.
A big thanks to the lady who stepped in front of me as I took the picture.  That would be our nephew on the top of her head.

*Saturday night we had supper with my parents.

*David picked up some overtime on Sunday so I had some time to do a little crafting.  I turned these

into this..

and this...

*Today we had our first snowfall of the season.  We just got a light dusting this morning and it's gone now.  I know I'll regret saying this but I'm ready for some snow.  The first few snowfalls are always fun and I can't imagine Christmas with no snow (well I can because we've had a few but it just doesn't feel like Christmas) but by March I'm so sick of it.

Hope you all've been well. I have a lot of posts in Reader to catch up on!


Nicolle said...

I guess I dreamed it, but I was going to ask you how David's job was going? I hope well.

I love your tree. Same here, I waited for one I wanted after Christmas last year, and they were all gone. I'm glad you picked that one up!

I'm praying for your uncle and family! I know this is a hard time for everyone.

Love your crafts. I REALLY love that plate!

AGH. I want snow. I think we lucked out last year with a lot. We probably will have none this year. I'm jealous! :)

Frizzy and Bird said...

Believe it or not I'm ready for winter too. I love fall but it seemed to take forever to arrive this year and now I'm sick of waiting. Just a bit FICKLE!

Love your projects. Is the plate washable? Did you use vinyl letters to make it or paint?