Tuesday, November 9, 2010


It's November 9th and this is what it looks like across the street
Not a single flake of snow around.  I'm trying to enjoy it, and some things I do love.  I love not having to go outside early in the cold to start my car so it can warm up before I leave.  I love that it's still easy to get around.  I really love that it's been in the 60s the past few days so we can still be jacket-free (I hate wearing coats).  And I love that winter won't seem to drag on forever since it's getting a late start.

But, I kind of hate that I'm ready for snow (just a little) and there's none.

Standard time, ugh.  I took this picture at 5:15 this evening.
Yuck, I hate when it gets dark out so early.  It takes my body awhile to get used to it.  I'm ready for bed by 7 since it's completely dark by then.  Makes me feel like I'm 80 instead of 30.  :o)

There are some things I enjoy about late fall/winter though.  I like making hotdishes, soups, breads, and baking.  I like staying home at night and watching movies or reading.  And, I love the holidays that come along with the seasons.

Is there anything you have a love/hate relationship with?


Frizzy and Bird said...

I just took a picture across the street from my house to do a post on too! Isn't that funn? Great minds think alike.

I love cooking the yummy hearty foods and snuggling under blankets. I HATE when it's cold for no reason. (Snow is a reason in my book.) I love 60 degree weather best. I hate adjusting to the time especially now that I'm a mom. Kids don't get the time has changed and we can sleep an hour longer. They just think it's time to get up! I'm feeling 80 and I'm only 37. Glad to know I'm not alone in many of these areas.

Love your new layout and header!

Nicolle said...

That is a gorgeous picture of the sky and the moon! I am hoping for more snow this winter, but I'm guessing since we got a ton for us here in Texas last winter, there will be none this time around.

I love the foods and smells of this time of year. I hate the way one day the temps are like winter, then today it's 80!

I'm so like you, it gets dark early and I'm ready for bed at 7 pm. I don't eve like to go anywhere after dark.

have a good evening!