Sunday, October 25, 2009

It's Hobo Days!

Yesterday was SDSU's homecoming, also known as Hobo Day. It was definitely more fun as a college student but I still like to go to the parade and football game.

I thought this year's parade was on the boring side. The parade used to feature more homemade "floats" that were obviously not going for a prize but for the "let's see how much crap we can throw together and still drive it down the road" look. The students on the floats used to be a lot funnier too. Ever since moving to D-1 it seems that they've cracked down and the parade has been a little less interesting (but probably more family friendly) each year.

Anyway, a few highlights from the parade:
The Pride. They used to chant funny things and be a lot more entertaining, much more serious now but still very good.

Our nephew in the middle school band.

This guy was pretty entertaining.
And I thought this guy was pretty funny...

I didn't take my camera to the game because I didn't want to hang on to it the whole game, so no pictures. SDSU played Northern Iowa and came away with the win, 24-14.


Frizzy said...

First, I LOVE YOUR NEW HEADER! Beautiful my dear. Second that pig is crackin me up!

Nicolle said...

Good pictures and that sounds like a fun weekend! :)

Rona's Home Page said...

Thank you so much from Charles, Marcus and I for sharing your grocery shopping tips.
I just posted a highlight of several of the responses that I received.
Just wanted you to know that I provided a link back to your blog.
I have several friends in the same boat as us ~ asking questions and have referred them.