Sunday, October 18, 2009


So yesterday I was reading through new posts in my Google Reader. One of my favorite bloggers, Jennifer @ Sanctuary Art, had a new post up about how she'd been awarded the Honest Scrap award. She wrote some things about herself then at the end passed to award on to 7 other bloggers. And guess what? I was one of them! I had to click on my blog name just to be sure it was me!

So now you get to learn 10 -honest- things about me...
1. When I get in a cleaning mood, I want to do it by myself and I don't want to talk as I'm cleaning. Kinda just get in a zone I guess.
2. I'm becoming more of a germaphobe as I get older. Some things that gross me out are swimming pools, hot tubs, hotels, and grocery carts. Yuck!
3. I was SO excited when I walked into Walmart yesterday and saw the Christmas stuff out! I even started a Christmas craft yesterday. Counting the days till Black Friday!!
4. I suffer from SAD and have had an early onset this year due to our craptastic weather this fall.
5. I really, really, really wish we could paint our walls. We rent an apartment and are not allowed to paint. I might dislike this place a *little* less if we had some color on the walls.
6. I ate HORRIBLY this past week and am sure my weight went up over the week. I was too scared to get on the scale Friday morning to see though. Back on the weight loss wagon tomorrow though! :o)
7. My sense of style is much better than what I portray on a day-to-day basis...budget and body image have a lot to do with that.
8. I wish that we lived in a warmer part of the US only because spray paint season is much too short up here (South Dakota)!
9. I hope to visit New York City some day during the Christmas season. I would love to go for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade.
10. I'm going to be 30 on my next birthday. I'm ready to put my 20s behind me!

So there are 10 probably not so interesting things about me. Now I get to pass the award on to 7 other bloggers.....


Katie said...

Congrats on your award!! Sorry its so cold there already! (my comments are so random, haha) And I'm back on the healthy eating wagon today tooooooo! Good luck!

Nicolle said...

I want to go to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade too. My hubby prob won't ever go. He says he hates NYC, even though he's never been. I bet you didn't do as bad as you think regarding eating. It's ok to have an off week. You have done so well. Life happens, and sometimes it throws you off for a while.

I'm a germaphobe about swimming pools too. I took Boyd a couple of times this summer, but then thought about all the water he was ingesting. I stopped going!

I'll do this list on my blog soon.