Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What was I thinking??

I looked at this wall the other day and wondered what the heck I was thinking when hung these things (yeah that's our lovely wall air conditioner unit peeking out at the bottom).

It really started to bug me but with no extra dollars laying around to redecorate I had to get creative. I took out a few pictures frames I had on hand, a can of spray paint from the closet, and printed out some of my pictures in black and white. I ran to Goodwill to pick up a couple more frames, a real splurge at 25 cents a piece ;o) I gave the frames a couple coats of paint and inserted the pictures. Now our wall looks like this:
I like it so much better and best of all it only cost a whopping 79 cents!!
I decided to rearrange our living room during the whole process too. That's why you see a lamp in the final picture and not in the first.


Nicolle said...

You are so good. That looks really great. I love the pictures and the L!

Frizzy said...

You rock! I seriously need to hang with you for some decorating and shopping trips. I never get lucky with deals like that. Great job!

Frizzy said...

In response to your question on hummus. I have been one of the pickiest eaters EVER! I'm all about textures and used to be terrified to try new/exotic things. The best thing I can tell you is to try a hummus with garlic or plain. It's a kind of nutty flavor with a bit of a salty edge. I have a hummus recipe you might try. Sometimes it helps just to know what's in something to make it less intimidating.