Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dear Zachary

Most Sunday afternoons you can find me sitting in our living room watching MSNBC documentaries. This past Sunday a documentary called Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father was shown. I'm still thinking about it. I want to tell everyone I know to see it. It's shocking, sad, maddening, and it shows the strength of the human spirit.

If you have Netflix you can watch it instantly on your computer. Don't read anything about the film before you see it, the less you know the better the watching experience.

A few Netflix member reviews that say it better than I can:

This film ripped out my heart, jumped up and down on it and then put it back together and left me with hope.

This is perhaps the most moving tribute to a number of legacies of love I have ever seen. I've never ridden such an emotional roller coaster by watching a movie until seeing Dear Zachary

No matter how tough you may think you are, this movie will sit with you for some time.

Most powerful movie I've ever seen...a documentary that will leave you heartbroken. Unforgettable and beautiful.

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Katie said...

Okay, I'm really intruiged now!

Frizzy said...

Um...I'm not sure my heart could take all that. I feel a little dread just reading the review.

Steve Spatucci said...

I saw it a few months ago and it's still sticking with me, but I've only been brave enough to recommend it to one other person who I thought could take it. He enjoyed it, but it was still hard for him to take.