Friday, July 18, 2008

My 100

I've seen 100 lists on other blogger's sites so I thought I'd give one a try too.

1. I love stormy weather (summer, not winter).
2. I like rearranging our furniture.
3. I love having a clean apartment, but don’t love cleaning it.
4. I put lots of crushed up Keebler Club crackers on my salads.
5. I have never lived outside of South Dakota, and doubt I ever will.
6. I love my friends and wish I were better at keeping in touch with them.

7. I hate to exercise, but like how I feel after I have.
8. I’m afraid of spiders, mice, snakes, and most big bugs.
9. I wish we had a house so I could have vegetable and flower gardens.
10. I want to learn how to can (but lack the storage for it now anyway).
11. I love to give gifts.
12. I have blue eyes.
13. I like getting my nails done, but always feel goofy when wearing nail polish.
14. I like to plan parties.

15. I love Ritter Sport chocolate bars.
16. I like to go to plays.
17. I used to think I wanted 5 kids, now I think 1 or 2 would be plenty.
18. I love to go shopping for home decor.
19. I’ve never been very comfortable with myself, but am getting better.
20. I would love to be a stay-at-home mom some day.
21. I love scrapbooking supplies, but haven’t scrapbooked for a couple years.
22. I not a morning person or a night owl.
23. Fall is my favorite season, spring is my second favorite.
24. I really hate winter.
25. I hate being cold and I really hate being hot & sticky.
26. I love everything about Christmas.
27. I rarely wear make-up but feel much better when I do.
28. I think I would really enjoy photography.
29. If I could get another degree, I think I would go for interior design or graphic design.
30. My favorite holidays are: Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Thanksgiving, and 4th of July.
31. Minty gum cures many of my minor stomach aches.
32. I like how Tide original scent makes my clothes smell.
33. I really like candles and always have a supply on hand.
34. When I was younger I used to laugh so hard I’d pee my pants.
35. Sometimes now when I laugh really hard I have to run to the bathroom so I don’t pee my pants.
36. I feel like I change based on who I am around; not something I am proud of.
37. I have to make lists if I am shopping for more than 3 things, otherwise I will forget something.
38. I like to do crafty projects.
39. I drink too much pop.
40. I love Taste of Home cooking magazine.
41. I love most all home/women’s magazines.
42. I love wrapping presents.
43. I usually start getting the Christmas itch in mid-July. (I have it now!)
44. I like to stay home and watch movies.
45. I’m a homebody.
46. I’m really shy until I get to know a person well.
47. I’m a very sensory orientated person.
48. I can only burn/use Scentsy scents or candles that correspond with the season.
49. I can only use body wash & lotion that corresponds with the season.

50. I like to listen to country music in the summer, but not other times of the year.
51. I love the little crunchy things (garlic?) in the oil at Johnny Carinos.
52. I really like baking, and am starting to get into cooking more.
53. I like to read, but don’t do it often enough.
54. Sometimes I wish I could go back to high school for just one day.
55. I used to put makeup on my brother when we were little (poor guy!).
56. I often sprain my ankles.
57. The thought of flying scares me.
58. I wish I was a good dancer.
59. I am somewhat clumsy.

60. I would like to design and build furniture.
61. I like to think about traveling, but the thought of actually doing it scares me.
62. I worry too much.
63. I used to despise the color pink, now it's one of my top choices.

64. I don’t really enjoy concerts.
65. I hate taking baths. Maybe if I had a big, jetted tub and a tv/fireplace to watch it’d be different, but until thanks.
66. I love salads at The Outback – their ranch is the best!
67. I rarely wear socks in the summer and have a hard time getting used to the feel of them in the fall.
68. I would like to take a cake decorating class.
69. I get scared easily.

70. I think I’m going to be a horrible pregnant woman.
71. I wish I could paint our walls because I’m really tired of white walls.
72. I always have the TV on for background noise.
73. I get nauseous if I stay up too late.
74. I dislike planning every day meals
75. I love when school supplies come out in the stores the end of summer.
76. I wish I had my own washer and dryer.
77. I wish our grocery store delivered.
78. I love decorating for holidays.
79. I hate sleeping in hotel beds.

80. I really hate hotel pillows.
81. The thought of everyone’s germs and “stuff” floating around in hot tubs is mostly what prevents me from getting in them.
82. I’m starting to feel that way about pools.
83. I love going to paint your own pottery places.
84. Starbuck’s peppermint hot chocolate is my favorite winter drink.
85. I really like pretty stationary, but rarely write letters.
86. I really miss my laptop.
87. Wearing perfume makes me feel “put together”.
88. I love Christmas music.
89. I love when my husband gets me flowers.

90. It bothers me when people wear brown shoes and have a black purse, and vice versa.
91. I don’t like to venture into new places alone.
92. I like to look in people’s windows when driving around at night (to look at how they decorate, not to be creepy).
93. I am on Facebook way too much!
94. I would really like to go to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade sometime.
95. I’ve already started my Christmas shopping!
96. I usually carry at least 2 tubes of chapstick with me during the winter months.
97. I don’t mind doing laundry; I just hate putting it away.
98. I’m starting to get into antique kitchen items (I used to think antiques were pointless).
99. I often let out one big hiccup. I have no idea why this is, and it’s embarrassing at times.
100.When my students make me pictures, I always hang them on my fridge.

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