Monday, November 26, 2012

weekend recap

Well, more of a quick recap from Wednesday-Sunday...

I pulled out our Christmas decorations out on Wednesday since we had the day off.  I will do a post later of everything but here's a little peak at our tree.

We spent Thanksgiving in Sioux Falls celebrating with my Smith family.

The only Black Friday shopping I did this year was a quick run out to Walmart around 7:30 am to see what was left.  I left with a mini crockpot that I'd been wanting but everything else was gone.  We had Tony, Jackie, Sarah, and Conor over for another Thanksgiving dinner later that day.

We headed back to Sioux Falls on Saturday to attend my Grandma Smith's 100th birthday celebration.  I plan to do a full post on this once I get some pictures. I forgot my camera at home so all I have are a couple phone pics.

We hung out around home on Sunday and relaxed.


Nicolle said...
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Nicolle said...

I heard that a lady at our local Walmart had to be tazed on Black Friday. Oh my. We almost went, just because I am wanting a bike, and they were deeply discounted. We decided that I would take Kevin's mom's bike for now, and see how I like riding.

I have a mini crock pot that I love. I bought it a couple of Christmases ago too.

I love your tree. It's sparkly and beautiful. I knew it would be gorgeous though, you decorate so well. :)

I love the personalized balloons for your grandma. What a wonderful celebration.

Have a good week.