Monday, April 26, 2010

Two Years

Today is our wedding anniversary. 

I remember when we were trying to choose a date for our wedding, it was quite the process.  We didn't want the weather to be hot so June through September were out.  We didn't want it to be snowing so October through March were out.  My birthday is in May so that was out....I was thinking ahead...I didn't want a Happy Anniversay/Happy Birthday gift each year :o).  So we decided on April.  We picked the last weekend in April to be sure the snow would be gone and the weather would be getting nicer. 

Well....that plan didn't work out for us so well as Mother Nature decided to send us a blizzard the day before our wedding.  It was a big one even shut down the interstates.  One of my bridesmaids was snowed in on her farm but was able to make the drive on the day of the wedding.  Our photographer was late as she had to make a 200 mile drive.  I'm not sure how she got there but I was so thankful that she was able (and willing) to make the drive.  Once things got rolling we had a great day.  And here we are two years later.  :o)


Nicolle said...

beautiful picture!

that is a sweet story and you'll always have a wedding to remember!

Happy Anniversary

It's Always Something Around Here said...

Happy Anniversary! So glad all worked out for your wedding!

Joanna said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!

Rambling Girl said...

Happy Anniversary! Wish you many more long years of love and happiness! So glad everyone was able to get to the wedding!

Cakes by Carrie said...

Happy Anniversary!!!! I loved your wedding. Well once I got past the fact it was snowing and I had packed nothing for that kind of weather for myself for Trey. (guess it was an excuse to go shopping, even if I was buying clothing we in AZ can pull of one one week a year, haha) Loved how it was Tony that married you, he did such a great job of being traditional but also making personal enough so make it memorable and special. Also loved the idea of cakes as centerpieces. You did remembed every little detail even down to the basket of items in the restroom and as a mother of a small child the kids room was GREAT!!! (I have passed the idea along to many people planing their weddings) And last but not least your DRESS was AMAZING!!!!!! Happy Anniverary to you and Dave I wish you many many more happy and memorable years!!!!!

Frizzy and Bird said...

Happy Anniversary. You know they say if you have rain or snow on your wedding day it's good luck for your marriage.

I'm not sure who "THEY" are but as long as what "They" say is true I'm good with it. LOL

Annabelle said...

Congratulations to you & David, Nichole! I love this picture. You look so happy & excited! :)