Monday, March 22, 2010


I got my project finished and hung up over the weekend.  I LOVE it!! 
So I've had this little sign hung up over our pantry/closet door for quite awhile now.  I intended to find other things to hang around it to fill the area out a little more.  I never did get around to it and that little sign looked so lonely and out of place up there by itself.

So I decided that I wanted to try something else up there.  I have a small pile of wood that I took from my grandma's house when we were cleaning it out to be sold last summer.  My grandpa had a small wood shop that he made lots of little projects in when he was alive so he had a pretty big supply of wood.  My brother and I spent a lot of time out in that shop with him.  My grandma was our babysitter when we were little so we were at their house everyday.  Anyway....I decided I wanted to paint some sort of sign to hang above the door.  I took one of the boards, painted it green, then tried to decide what to paint on it.  It was about 7 inches tall and about 34 inches or so long.  I couldn't come up with anything so I looked around on Etsy for some inspiration.  I came across something that I just loved.  So I cut up my long board to make smaller pieces, painted them, and ordered some letters on Uppercase Living. 

I really, really like it!  I fills the space so much better and best of all it only cost about $10 (for the letters).  The keys are from a package of chipboard keys that I bought a little over a year ago.


Jackie said...

I love the signs and the keys in between are so cute. I'm going to have to check out uppercase living now.

Have a great day.

Joanna said...

I love that! The colors really make it pop too.

Annabelle said...

Nichole, I love it! The keys between are such a great idea. Do you mind if I use this as inspiration? This is just what I need for my kitchen. :)

Frizzy and Bird said...

One of my favorite projects of yours! Love the colors too!

Bug said...

I love this! I think it looks great and I also love the pictures! You are so clever!

Nicolle said...

Nichole, that looks so great. You did a wonderful job, as always. I really love those letters. The keys are a great addition also. Love it!!

Cakes by Carrie said...


I LOVE IT!!!! How much to make one for me :)


Terry said...

Hi Nicole!
It's great to see another South Dakotan with a blog that shares the same interests! I love your signs!

Do you think spring is here to stay? Winter seems like it lasted a whole year this time around!

Take care and I look forward to checking out your blog more!

Katie said...

LOVE it!

Kerri said...

Just discovered your blog through Boyd's Mamma. Love the blocks you made! you should start selling them...I think you would have a few buyers! The colors are awesome!