Friday, July 24, 2009

Rummage sale score!

I haven't been to many rummage sales this year. It seems like there are less sales in my area this year too. I did have a pretty good day a couple weekends ago with a few good finds though.
I got this old sheet set for 50 cents and the bag of faux cherries for a quarter. I want to try to make an apron so I thought the sheet set would be good fabric to practice on.
This little table was $2. I already painted it a shade of green.
The next item might be one of my favorite rummage sale finds ever. Last Christmas David and I saw this set in a local bookstore right after Christmas. I really wanted it but I didn't want to spend $25 on it. Well, as I was standing in line to pay for the table I spotted it sitting in a pile of books.

I got it for $1! I was so excited! The set includes the hardcover book, the CD, tap, and the bell.


Carrie of Farming On Faith said...

What wonderful finds~
Have a wonderful day!

Nicolle said...

Girl, you did GOOD!!! :)