Sunday, July 5, 2009

Photo Tag

I was tagged by Joanna from This Southern Girl's Nest for a photo tag.


1) Go to your photo files…Select the 6th photo folder

2) Select the 6th photo in that folder

3) Post that photo along with the story behind it.

4) Then challenge 5 blog friends to do the same!

Ok, I haven't been on this computer very long so I don't have a whole lot of pictures saved on it yet. Let me go have a look.

Ok, this is a picture of my baby brother. Yeah, he's 26 years old but he's still my baby brother. He's usually not this dirty either. Well, ok maybe he is. He likes to "play" on 4 wheelers, work on trucks, and works as a geothermal heating/cooling installer type person (um, I dunno what ya'd really call it). But he cleans up nice :o).

Anyway, I took this picture last weekend while we were cleaning/packing/moving things from my grandma's house. I was trying to take his picture without being noticed but he happened to look over as I snapped it. Good thing I was quick or there might have been an obscene gesture in the pic. He was chatting with my mom (not that that would have stopped him) and was mid-word when I took the picture.

I'm tagging:

Nicolle at Boyd's Crazy Mama
Nichole at Heaven's Gift
Katie at My First Year as a Wallace
Annabelle at Simple Pleasures

Yeah, I'm only doing 4. It's Sunday and I'm being lazy. :o)

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