Saturday, February 28, 2015

5 months

I have no idea how my baby boy is 5 months old already!  Month 4 was my favorite month so far.  Holden is such a happy little guy and has such a fun personality.

Uff, sleep was a rough one this month.  Holden got his first cold and it totally threw off his sleep schedule.  At the worst point, we were up about every hour to hour and a half each night, and usually had along wake up of up to two hours with crying.  It was rough on everyone.  I discovered that he would sleep next to me in bed in longer stretches, so to keep everyone sane, we started co-sleeping this month.  Holden would start the night in his cradle but after his first wake up (as early at 10 pm some nights) I would put him in bed with us.  This wasn't ideal but it helped us all get a little more sleep.

At the end of month 4, Holden was starting to get back on track during the nighttime, but was still having a hard time napping at daycare.  Most days he only sleeps a total of one hour at daycare, with his longest nap being around 25 minutes.  His naps at home were a little better, usually sleeping just over an hour for each nap.

We ditched the pacifier at the 4 month 3 week mark.  He was waking up multiple times a night when the pacifier would fall out and would fuss until I'd put it back in his mouth.  One night I listened to him blow air out of his mouth to spit the pacifier out and then fuss for it again.  I decided after that that he didn't really need it so we just stopped giving it to him the next day and it didn't seem to bother him at all.

Holden started baby foods the last week of his fourth month.  He started with green beans, which he wasn't too sure about the first night.  The second night, he ate like a champ and he hasn't minded eating his veggies since.

He continues to eat 5-6 ounces each feeding, though he has stretched the time between bottles from every 3-4 hours.

Holden wore a mix of 3-6 month and 6-12 month outfits this month.  Several outfits that he wore at the beginning of the month had to be put away by the end of the month as he outgrew them.

As I mentioned, Holden has his first cold this month. It was more of a chest cold and it hung around for a little over two weeks.  I felt so bad for him as he seemed pretty miserable at night.  He didn't seem to be so bothered by it during the day, but everything must have settled in his chest at night and it made the nights pretty long.  Once he kicked the cold, he was healthy for the rest of the month.

This isn't really a health thing, but since it's skin related I'm going to throw it in here.  Holden's stork bite (red birth mark) on the back of his neck faded quite a bit over the month.  I wish I had a picture of it from when he was smaller but this is what is left of it.

-Holden really got into playing with his toys this month.  He has a little car shaped toy that has 3 sound buttons on it that he loves to play with and push the buttons on.
-He loves to jump in his jumperoo.
-He likes bathtime and loves to splash around in the water.
-He likes to listen to music and really loves songs with lots of bass.
-Holden likes to lie on his changing pad.  I'm not sure why but he has always like to lie there.  He smiles, laughs, and coos whenever he's there which makes changing his diaper a pretty easy task (well, easier than if he hated it, that is).
-He likes to grab at my phone whenever we Facetime my mom or take selfies.  He likes to pull it really close to his face and look into it.
-He really likes to roll around on the floor.
-Putting everything and anything into his mouth has also become a big hit with him this month.  His toes and fingers are probably his favorite things to put in his mouth.

-At the beginning of month 4, Holden didn't like when his momma didn't have her glasses on or had a towel on her head.  He just stared at her until she put her glasses on or took the towel off.  Closer to month 5 he would start to smile when she looked different.
-Holden started to notice if he was in the room alone playing (if we'd go to the bathroom or kitchen quick) and would start to fuss until we came back into view.

-Holden got his two bottom teeth this month.  His first tooth popped through about 4 months 3 weeks and the other cut through the day before he turned 5 months old.  He loves to run his tongue and bottom lip over them.
-Holden moved into a big boy car seat this month.

-He found his private parts this month and, in true male fashion, has to grab at them every chance he gets.
-Holden did his first painting craft this month.  He painted hearts to send to both sets of grandparents.
-Holden started holding his arms up a bit when he wants to be picked up, which is ridiculously cute.
-He has been working on sitting unassisted but whenever he laughs and/or smiles, he throws his head back and falls over.
-He has also been working really hard on getting his legs up under him to crawl.  He did get up on his knees and scoot forward a bit this month so I suppose it won't be long until he's on the go.
-He hung out for his first Superbowl. ;o)

-Holden celebrated his first Valentine's Day.

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