Sunday, February 23, 2014

week 9

Baby's size

Your baby has graduated from embryo to fetus—and is now about the size of a cherry. The digestive tract and reproductive organs are formed, but it's still too early for even a skilled technician to tell whether you're having a boy or a girl.
Baby's Length: about .9 in.
Baby's Weight: about .07 oz.
How I am feeling
I still felt pretty good this week.  I had a nasty cold for most of the week, but thankfully it is mostly gone as of today.  I had a lot more nausea toward the end of week 9 also.

What do I miss
Jimmy Johns.  I've craved it pretty much every day this week.  

Gender prediction
I think it's a girl.  I've thought that pretty much since the first week we've known.  Dave thinks it's a boy.  Anytime we discuss names, I have to "remind" Dave that it's a girl because he only offers boy names. ;o)

Food cravings
Pretty much just Jimmy John's at this point....and carbs, lots of carbs.

Food aversions
Anything mint still sounds disgusting.  

Highlights this week  
Making the announcement to my co-workers and on Facebook.

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Nicolle said...

I bet it was fun to make the announcement to coworkers and friends! You know, I didn't even know about no deli meat for the longest time in my pregnancy. I'd never heard of that and my OB didn't tell me. Oops! I always craved salsa verde when I was pregnant with Boyd! :)