Sunday, December 9, 2012

weekend recap

I drove to my mom's house after school on Friday.  We had plans to work on her Christmas decorations and do some baking over the weekend. 

Saturday morning we went to Mitchell to do some shopping.  We went to a local store that had over 50 Christmas trees decorated.  It was awesome...Christmas Heaven!!  I took a bunch of pictures.  I was trying to take them quickly and not look like an idiot so some of them are a little blurry.  I loved that 12 foot (I'm guessing) tree in the first picture!

All that and I walked out of the store with one little ornament.

It started snowing again (it had snowed Friday afternoon too) on our drive back to my mom's house. The snow got heavier the closer we got to my mom's.  I decided to head back to Brookings when we heard that blizzard warnings were being issued for Sunday.  I took me awhile to get back since I had to drive about 45 mph for most of the 100 mile drive but the snow was really pretty.

We woke up this morning to the blizzard so we stuck around home all day.  Well, I did anyway.  David decided he needed to walk two blocks to the grocery store since our road was blown in and didn't think he should try to drive there.

Even though the snow ruined my plans with my mom, I was still so happy to have a real snow fall!

We've made good use of the snowy day...we watched the Vikings game and National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation and I baked some cut out cookies using my grandma's recipe and cookie cutters.

I got the call a few hours ago that we'll be starting school two hours late tomorrow!  Woo hoo!

Have a great week!

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Nicolle said...

I love that you snuck all of those gorgeous photos in that store! :) I'm just like you, I probably would have only bought one ornament too!

Oh my word, that is a blizzard! I'm loving it though. I laughed about David walking to the store. The cookies are so sweet, and even sweeter since it's your Grandma's recipe and cookie cutter! I just love that so much.

Enjoy your week, and your late start today. :)