Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Weekend Recap

That's a long title for no more than I have to post about :o)

*Dave started Thanksgiving Day out by running in a Turkey Day 5K. 

*My parents joined us for Thanksgiving dinner.  Dave made a 19 pound turkey.  Yes, a 19 pound turkey for the four of us.

*I did some Black Friday shopping at Wal*Mart here in town.  Ugh, worst experience ever.  I did get the sheets I wanted but that was all.  There were too many people to even want to look for anything else.  I also went to Sioux Falls with my sister-in-law and niece to hit the midnight sales.  Craziness.  I bought very little but the people watching at the mall was great.

*I saw this chick while I was waiting in line at Bath&Body Works.  Her whole group was dressed in camo with the black under eye makeup.  I saw lots of groups dressed in themes at the mall but this one was the best.

*I put up the Christmas decorations on Friday.  I told my friend Nicolle that I feel like we have our Christmas decorations up in March or something.  It doesn't feel like Christmastime at all. 

*We had a Thanksgiving meal with Dave's family on Saturday. 

*We spent Sunday being lazy and recovering from all the food/shopping  ;o)

Have a good week!


Nicolle said...

That's hilarious about being dressed in themes. I have never heard of that. How fun/weird/cool. I'm not sure. :)

Dave looks super tired in that second photo. He is very motivating to me, now I need to get my jogging shoes on and go. I wish Boyd was still at the age where he would ride in a stroller for a while. I would bundle him and and just go walking/jogging for an hour.

Funny, Kevin's mom cooked a 20 pound turkey for 5 adults. There is more than half of it left. Some is in our fridge, but I don't enjoy the taste of leftover turkey. Not sure what will become of it. haha.

Frizzy said...

It's the middle of Dec and I have decorations all over. I still feel just like this. Can't understand why it doesn't feel like Christmas yet. UGH!

Hope you feel the spirit of Christmas soon.