Sunday, July 10, 2011

Some stuff

I posted this on my 101 blog but thought I'd post it here too.  One of my goals was to take pictures of the sunrise and sunset on one day.  Since I was awake bright and early on the 3rd I decided to go out and take some pics of the sunrise.


peeking through the trees


shadows :o)

We went to the Brookings Summer Arts Festival yesterday.  We baisically go for the food :o)  Dave ate shrimp, alligator (yuck), frog legs (gross), and a 10" Polish sausage.  I had a pork loin sandwich that was really good.  I had a huge dragonfly land on my shoulder while I was eating and the stupid thing would not get off me so for some reason I decided to brush it off with my sandwich.  I finished the sandwich anyway since it was so good.  Normally, knowing that a huge bug touched my food would gross me out and I wouldn't eat it.  We got some doughnuts as we left the park that were pretty good too.
We had an awesome lightning storm go through last night and I tried to get some pics. They're not the greatest since I have a really hard time keeping my hands still that long but I tried  ;o)

I watched National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation earlier today.  It was on TV and I just couldn't pass it up  ;o)

Hope ya all had a great weekend!


Nicolle said...

I love the water drop photo and the shadow photo a lot. They are all beautiful though!

When we go to Iowa, I am always told to get the pork tenderloin sandwich. I guess it's a northern thing? I love it a lot, it's just not a regular thing down here in Texas.

I agree with you....frog legs, nasty!

Nicolle said...

ps. I'm glad you posted here. I was missing you on your blog. I actually checked early today to see if you had anything new. :)

Joanna said...

Love all your photos. I think you took some awesome shots!