Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Things you should know about me if we're going to be BFF

So yesterday Ashley at Little Miss Momma had a really fun post yesterday called Things you should know about me if we're going to be BFF.  She did another today and added a linky party to it. 

Some things you should know about me....

I hate staying in hotels. Sleeping in a bed where thousands of other people have slept (and *ahem* done other things) makes me want to puke. And the thought of other people drooling on the pillow I am suppose to put my head/face on? Gag. And no, I’m not going to take my own pillow and blanket…unless they can go in the garbage afterward…I’m not taking that back to my bed.

Feet gross me out. Please never put your bare feet on me. Yuck.

Actually lots of things gross me out….swimming pools and hot tubs (no, I do not want to take a bath with you), people who cough on their hands then don’t sanitize (use your flippin’ elbow people, what’s the point of covering if you’re just going to spread it around with your hands anyway??), grocery carts, public bathrooms….ok I’ll stop there so I don’t scare you off.

I love to drive around. I love driving through neighborhoods and in the country. Something about it just relaxes me.

I like to watch movies but often have a hard time staying awake through them.

I am a homebody so if you can just (mostly) always come to my place we’ll be good.

If you use the words retard or retarded while around me I’m likely to slap you upside the head. I hate those words…they make me cringe.

I don’t drink alcohol because it upsets my stomach. So….I can only drink if I drink a lot, which I prefer not to do.

If I’m really comfortable around you (which I would be if you were my BFF, obviously) you’re going to hear me burp. Sorry, I know it’s gross. But, I promise I will never fart (purposely anyway).

I'm getting old. Yes, I really am. I bought packaged underwear a couple weeks ago. I do believe that is the first sign of old age.

I love to laugh (who doesn’t?). Sometimes though, if something strikes me as especially funny, I can’t stop. There have been a few times at work (school) where my students have said things that I just can’t get over. I’ll laugh….then stop…..then I’ll think of it again…and try really hard not to laugh….so I’ll put my head down so they can’t see my face…I try really hard not to laugh out loud…..so my body starts to shake from my inner laughter….then a weird noise usually comes out and I just can’t help but laugh out loud. Usually everyone else has moved on by that time so I get some weird looks. Just thought you should know.

Public displays of affection make me gag.  I believe you really like/love your significant other.  You don't have to show me.

I love Christmas. Just so you know, I listen to Christmas music 99% of the time from Thanksgiving until Christmas Day. And I watch Christmas movies, a lot.

You might not want to visit me on the weekends.  I normally don't shower unless we're going somewhere.  Because, let's face it, showers truly are optional on the weekends (yes David it's true).

I like to hear other people’s opinions about things and discuss them. My friend Christa and I have had some really good conversations at work because our views differ on so many things.

My husband is my #1 BFF, so hope you’re okay with taking the BFF #2 position :o)

What should I know about you?

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LP said...

Hi! :) Thanks for check out my list! Your comment about packaged underwear is hilarious! I was also laughing at your um...germ-phobia but then your "showers optional on weekends" HAHAHA...so funny. Oh, and I saw in your profile you love World Market--me too!!! What do you teach?

Nicolle said...

Well, dang, I guess I will settle for the #2 BFF position! :) I love this. I was thinking the other day that there are things people may not know about me. I will remember this post for after the new year.

I guess I've been old for about 10 years now, I buy the packaged undies. lol!

I agree with you on the use of the word retarded. Makes me so mad!!!!

I am a homebody too, but I don't mind coming and hanging with you. One day I swear I'm making the trip!

Merry Christmas.

Mrs. Beach Bride said...

Great list!! I don't like feet either...ha!

Sarah said...

Thanks for visiting me! We seem to have a lot in common. I also, hate hotels and feet! I love your comments about packaged underwear! To funny!

Kerstin@TheRealHousewivesofIdaho.blogspot.com said...

You are so right about hotels! I try not to think about it but YUCK! I am a germ freak about shopping carts, etc. I can't stay awake for movies if it's after 8 either. Last night I couldn't stay awake with my family watching Christmas Vacation! Thanks for checking out my list! :) Kerstin

Anonymous said...

Nichole.....I'm pretty sure you and me are long lost twin sisters.....I never realized how alike we really are!!!! :D

Shell in your Pocket said...

Wow...you may be a hard "best" friend-

sandy toe

Red Stethoscope said...

World Market lovers unite! Confession: I saw that on your profile (linked from another blog) and was like, "I have to read her blog!" Also, I have forgotten to shower on the weekend before. WHAT? If you're not leaving the house and/or changing out of your pajamas, you're not REALLY dirty anyway, right? (Right.)

Kerri said...

Hi Nichole! I see you all the time over at Nicolle's blog and thought I would come check out your blog! What a super cute post! I too have been buying packaged underwear for about 10yrs...so I am way old! My husband and I like to drive around too...only thing our son doesnt! :(
I love that you said your husband is your #1 bff (me too!) so cute!