Monday, May 3, 2010

Tray Transformation

A few weeks ago I was browsing though a local flower shop.  They had a lot of cute wall art and this piece in particular caught my eye.

It was ten dollars, probaby a fair price but I thought I could probably make something similar myself.

I looked around at Goodwill and some thrift stores a few times but I never did find anything that would work.  Then one day I was dusting and I noticed this tray sitting at the bottom of one of my tables.

Perfect!  I took the handles off (they were just screwed on) and spray painted it black.  I threaded some ribbon throught the holes where the handles had been and hung it up on the wall.  I still needed some magnets though so I looked through my craft stuff.  I still had a few magnets that my friend Nicolle had sent me last summer and I found a some scrabooking embellishments leftover from another project.  The embellishments had a sticky backing so just I just stuck them to the magnets.

Cost break down:
Tray - already had it - free
Spray paint - stocking stuffer at Christmas from my husband - free
Magnets - from a friend - free
Embellishments - already had them - free
Ribbon - alreay had it - free

The result of my cost free tray transformation:

(Pics ---- Top-David's maternal grandma, Right-David's mom, Left-my Grandma H.)

Not bad for about 20 minutes of my time  :o)


Frizzy and Bird said...

You've done it again! I never find good stuff to use and certainly never free stuff around the house.

Nicolle said...

That is wonderful. I love it. So unique!