Monday, November 9, 2009

From Red to Brown

I used to decorate our tree in reds and golds but a couple years ago I decided I wanted to use browns, burnt orange and gold. Most of these red ornaments have sat in storage since the color change.

We had some awesome weather this weekend so I picked up some of this spray paint in a brown color and pulled out the red ornaments.

I used an old shower curtain rod (don't ask why we still have it), some pumpkins to weigh it down, and some ribbon/string to hang the ornaments from. Then I sprayed and sprayed and sprayed.

I brought them inside and hung them to dry completely before I put them back in their containers. Not all of them were covered completely but once they're on the tree no one will ever notice.
Now I have 17 (would've been 18 but the pole fell once and a glass ornament broke) "new" ornaments for our tree this year. Not bad for the price of one can of spray paint! The only down side is that this paint really stunk! I just put them away (after drying for 48 hours) and they still smell bad!!


Annabelle said...

The ornaments look really good, Nichole. What would we do without spray paint? :)

Nicolle said...

Those are gorgeous. Never in a million years would I have thought to spray paint those. Beautiful!