Monday, June 1, 2009

A Little Project

It all started with this small sign I purchased a few years ago.It had been sitting in the closet for quite some. I pulled it out a few weeks ago to give it some sort of new life but couldn't decide what to do with it. First I painted it yellow with the plan to make something for the kitchen. Then it sat that way for a few days because I still couldn't think of anything to do with it. My next idea was to have my husband cut it into two pieces so I could make two little somethings with it. Yesterday I gave one piece a coat of red paint then pulled out my fabric supply while the paint dried. Here are the supplies I used:
A small piece of burlap, a scrap of red and white polka dot fabric, a MEMORIES embellishment, the chunk of wood and my handy spray adhesive. I sprayed the wood and the burlap then placed the burlap on the wood. I set that aside to dry a bit and pulled out my sewing machine so I could do a quick zig zag stich around the polka dot material.Then I glued that piece on top of the burlap with the spray adhesive, let it dry a little and then stuck the embellishment on top. Since I had everything on hand, I'm going to consider this a free project. :o)
I also got my chalkboard painted and hung this past weekend. I'm loving it!!


Joanna said...

What a really cute idea! I would have never thought to put fabric on it and embellish it so.

Love it!

Jodi said...

Everything turned out really cute!

It's Always Something Around Here said...

What a great transformation! Love the chalkboard too.

Annabelle Bulat said...

Thanks for the welcome back, Nichole. I've been keeping up with blog reading...just being quiet. I love the sign you's really cute!

Nicolle said...

I love the sign you made and really LOVE the chalkboard! I keep saying I need one of those. I also like your plate hanging above the chalkboard.

Have fun in Chicago. I've always wanted to go there!