Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I ran across this on a blog the other day.

I ...
i am....wishing winter would go away.
i think...I should stick to my chore list.
i know...pretty much everything in the world. One of my students told me so last week. :o)
i want...to have a totally organized and clean apartment. And for it to stay that way.
i have...a college degree and a low paying job.
i dislike...grocery shopping and doing laundry.
i miss...high school from time to time.
i fear...doctor appointments.
i feel...relieved.
i hear....my computer moaning. Hope it makes it another few months at least.
i smell...freshly baked brownies.
i crave.....self confidence.
i cry...a lot less than I used to.
i usually...am the quiet one in a group.
i wonder....when we’ll win the lottery.
i regret...I try not to regret choices I’ve made because I could drive myself crazy if I did.
i love...being organized.
i worry...way too much.
i am not....thin. Someday…someday…
i remember...not well. I have a horrible memory.
i believe...that I am capable of much more than I am now.
i dance...horribly. I only dance when I’ve had too much to drink, which only worsens the dancing.
i don't...like to be by myself in a group of people I don’t know.
i write...too little. I’m trying to create a new habit of writing letters to friends and family.
i win...when I’m bowling with my husband. Not always, but often.
i lose...when I’m playing Scrabble or Trivial Pursuit with my husband.
i wish...we had a house.
i listen...to music my husband hates.
i don't understand...people who abuse children.
i can usually be found...at home. I’m a homebody.
i am scared...of spiders, mice, heights, and most all creepy crawly things.
i need to lose...my sense of self doubt.
i forget...that I am capable of much more.
i am happy...when I am crafting.

And just because..........I found this picture on my hard drive while cleaning it off yesterday. It's me around the age of 1.


Nicolle said...

That's such a cute picture! We're so much alike...I worry way too much, I don't like being in a group of people I don't know, I am the quiet one in the crowd, I like to be organized....I think if I did this list most of mine would be your answers.

I hope you have a good rest of the week! :)

Nicolle said...

...oh, and the dancing thing. That's the only time I will attempt to dance, is if I've had some drinks....and then I look like a total idiot! But I guess it's ok because I don't remember it. haha.

Jodi said...

The picture of you is SO cute! :) I like your list and I could say many of the same things about myself.

Thanks for commenting on the movie post on my blog! I promise I'll someday have a movie you know! I ALWAYS appreciate your comments!!

Rambling Girl said...

Such a cutie Nicole!
Love your list....

So sorry I have been MIA lately...I have had so much happen this month that I have not been to very many blogs.

I am sick and only came to check email at work for a moment and sneaked over here but wanted to say I hope to be back around in full force next week.

I have gone back and looked all the great crafty things you have been up to...love the Family wall. I need to make one in my house also.

Anyway I have missed reading your blog but will be back so don't take me from your list please.

Shawna said...

Such a great picture! I'll try to dig up one of David for you...I have one that would be great(if I can find it..) Love,